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Protecting the e-Enabled Aircraft from Cyber Attacks

Argus, a Continental company,  delivers a security incident and event management (SIEM) system that helps protect e-Enabled aircraft against cyber-attacks.

The e-Enabled Aircraft is a modern aircraft equipped with internet connectivity to assist with real-time transfer of MRO related data to airports, airlines, and airframers. The different aircraft network domains, such as the aircraft control, crew, and entertainment systems used to be segregated on legacy aircraft and are now connected to allow the flow of data from nose to tail. With multiple connected networks and connectivity to the internet, cyber attackers can potentially manipulate the aircraft information system, aircraft control, and passenger domain networks. An attack on these networks can threaten brand equity, business continuity, and valuable customer trust.

Most cyber security experts recommend a proactive approach to protect modern connected systems by monitoring the systems’ cyber health in a Security Operations Center (SOC). This SOC enables airlines to detect, analyze and investigate the different events and incidents occurring on a day-to-day basis. The SOC’s “brain” is the Security Incident and Event Management system (SIEM) which feeds the SOC with information and enables the detection and monitoring capabilities.


Argus Aircraft SIEM equips airline security operations centers with the unprecedented ability to monitor aircraft networks, receive detailed alerts of abnormal behavior and start the mitigation process with dedicated tools and procedures. The system receives security logs generated by the e-Enabled aircraft, fuses data from multiple sources and creates rules based on OEM guidelines, advanced research, and threat intelligence. Argus also provides airlines an easy-to-use intuitive SIEM dashboard and an API that enables easy integration of alerts in the airline’s security operations center.

Argus brings a unique blend of aviation and cyber security knowledge to help airlines protect their fleets from cyber attacks. Built on Argus’ vast experience in cyber security for embedded transportation systems, automotive log analysis, and SIEM solutions, Argus Aircraft SIEM helps airlines cost-effectively comply with current and future regulations.

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